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ADSL provides speeds up to 10Mbps over traditional copper cables. The flow of data is asymmetric,
so the download speeds are much greater than the upload speeds. ADSL is always on, and suitable for small
business internet and voice access.

AnD Communications provide voice services over ADSL using VIBE compression technology to support high quality voice and internet over ADSL, which enables small business to enjoy the benefits of voice over IP cost savings without investing in more expensive fibre or diginet lines.


ADSL Services are well priced and provide a fixed monthly cost based on your internet bandwidth requirements.


ADSL services are generally available in most metropolitan areas, and since they are deployed on copper lines can be shared with a telephone line service.


Using VIBE technology, up to 28 simultaneous voice calls can be made using a single ADSL line. AnD Communications provide voice services in the form of SIP Trunks and hosted extensions using ADSL.

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