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Provided by Mitsol, ResiNet is an alternate to other ISP offerings, replacing the traditional Telkom fixed line ADSL services with a microwave wireless solution, no landline is required.

High speed internet access from ResiNet is suitable for both residential and small businesses. Offering speeds from 1Mbps up to 4Mbps wireless and 6Mbps up to 20Mbps fibre ResiNet can be installed within a couple days versus the traditional 4-6 weeks from other ISPs. Max speed is dependent on infrastructure availability.

To ensure the network meets the ever increasing demand for reliable highspeed Internet and Voice services, Mitsol together with Cambium’s best-of-breed technology, have deployed a next generation network, capable of meeting these ever growing demands for information. AnD Communications provide voice services over Resinet, which are fully managed with Quality of Service in place. The voice services are provided in the form of SIP Trunks or Hosted Extensions.

Flexible & Quick to deploy

The service is installed and working within 5 days of the application being processed. It is flexible to upgrade and manage via an interactive web portal.


All ISPs supply broadband services with a contention ratio, some networks may oversubscribe their services more than others. ResiNet prides itself in the fact that we run a very low and in some instances no contention across the network.


the Resinet service is cabled into your office via a standard ethernet cabled connection, making it simple for you to connect your laptop/desktop to the internet or plug into your existing LAN switch or wifi AP. Our radio equipment can also take care of all the configurations required to connect to the Internet.


AnD Communications provide voice services in the form of SIP Trunks and hosted extensions using Resinet.

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