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We can install your HOSTED PBX in 48 Hours.
So you need a PBX service, and you need it in a hurry. We understand that the phones are the lifeline of your business, and when you are planning a move or new office perhaps, you simply cannot afford the run around and moving goalposts that come with a traditional fixed line provider.

We would be happy to share our plan for your business, and get your phones ringing with the following services, as promised within 48 hours:

  • External number/s (Geographic 031/021/010 etc) or 087 (non-geographic). (We can also port your existing number if required, however that will take a minimum of 10 working days)
  • Extension numbers and accounts
  • IP Phones and IP DECT (Cordless phones)
  • Switchboard Consoles
  • A divert of your new External number to a mobile number should you want to advertise before deployment
  • Voice Mail
  • Voice Recording (if required)
  • An Auto Attendant or IVR with pre-recorded messages
  • Outbound dialling
  • Conference bridge
  • Installation
  • End User Training

Frequently asked questions

So how can we provide this service so quickly?

Well the answer lies in our cloud / hosted PBX architecture, our last mile access, IP Phone stock holding, and efficient deployment methods.

It may be quick to install, but will it work well?

Absolutely, we currently have over 82 different sized companies, making up over 1000 users on the cloud platform. We deploy DEDICATED voice services, so we are able to manage the voice and avoid the issues associated to badly deployed Voice over IP.

Do I have to outlay cash to purchase this solution?

Nope, you can rent it from us, or if you prefer there is an option to purchase the handsets outright. There will be some setup costs but these are once off.

Is there any redundancy or backup?

Our solution is designed around redundancy, and for that reason we have multiple backup links and two different data centres to ensure our service uptime. We also recommend deploying two last mile access methods to provide redundancy to your site.

Will I Save money?

Our call rates are 30-40% cheaper than incumbent fixed line rates, and, as you don’t require any fixed lines on site to connect to your extensions, savings are guaranteed.

What are the conditions of a 48 hour install?

There are a few conditions that must be met first, before we “start the clock”

  1. Successful Credit Vetting
  2. Successful Last Mile Feasibility
  3. Successful Network Assessment
What is not included in the 48 Hour install?

So there are a few things that will take a bit longer, but they are not essential to get you going quickly.

  1. Fibre or fixed line backup services (30 – 90 days)
  2. Porting of existing numbers (10-20 days)
  3. If any additional cabling or Network readiness is required, based on the outcome of the survey.
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